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Presents FAME
February 2020

Joel was cast as Mr Myers, the encouraging and enthusiastic drama teacher at New York city’s, “High School of Performing Arts” in the 1980s . FAME the musical is based around the 1980s film and T.V. show of the same name, in which new students and teachers are introduced into the familiar environment. The show follows the story of the students as they move through their time at the school and includes the complicated story of Carmen Diaz.

Throughout the show, Joel’s character, Mr Myers tries to prepare his students for a life that will be both demanding and "hard work", whilst professing that "acting is the hardest profession in the world". He also encourages the students to explore their own ideas and creativity whilst offering a friendly guiding hand when needed.

This role allowed Joel to once again step in to an older character and be a stable and assertive presence on stage, giving contrast to the high energy and comedic parts of the show.


Images :
Sam Riley - Mr Myres entrance on stairs, Joel with Ciara as Mr Myres and Carmen Diaz, Mr Myres teaching the class.
All other images created by Mark Carline


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